Website QA & Software Testing

You worked hard to develop your products. Trust your quality control to QA testers that will work as hard to ensure proper functionality and usability.

Expert and Certified QA Testers

The QAs we hire are certified experts. They have the experience and knowledge to thoroughly test your web, desktop, or mobile app in any environment.

Cost-Effective QA Services

We provide a comprehensive service to your development team and your end users at a fraction of the cost of doing it internally without sacrificing any quality.

Latest QA Testing Tools

Keeping track of the latest technology is as important for development as it is for testing. We employ an arsenal of tools to hunt out bugs wherever they are hiding.

Attentive to Details

By creating every possible scenario in any environment, our QA testers won’t miss a thing. We test and test again before releasing a bug-free project back to your team.

QA Testing Services to Complement Your Development Projects

Website/Application Testing

Our website testing services measure the performance and efficiency of your website or web app while also ensuring usability and functionality. We have the experience and tools for any imaginable operating system and browser combinations. We leverage our expertise and make sure your web development project is the best it can be.

Desktop Application Testing

We test your desktop application in every environment that it’s designed to have compatibility with – on any computer and any operating system. Our QA testers have a variety of testing strategies and methods at their disposal, and we’ll work with you to give your end users the experience your development team intended.

Mobile Application Testing

The ease with which people can delete and install mobile apps on their devices demands that you have superior design and provide an experience that matches or exceeds not only your competition but what they can access on a computer. Whether Android, iOS, or other operating systems, our experts will work to make that happen.

Why Our Software Testing is the Best

Proper testing of your software

Testing your software the right way at the right time and in the right environment is critical to the success of your final output.

Your reputation depends on it

The success of your deployment is a reflection of your business and our success depends on your success.

We care about your project

At 365 Outsource, we test your project as if we developed it. This means we take quality control seriously.

Better service, better price

We test better and at a rate that is much lower than other outsourced testing services and lower than handling in-house.

What To Expect From Us?

There are three major parts of our QA process and each is critical to the success of the project. We rely on information from you and you rely on our testing. We make sure that the project we hand back to you has been thoroughly tested with no bugs left undiscovered.

1. Project Definition

We’ll agree on the scope of your project and our testing. We’ll also establish the specifications of your software and any preferred strategies you want to see employed. We’ll determine all the necessary testing environments and the intended functionality of the output.

2. Project Transition

Once both parties have agreed on the scope, we’ll iron out a plan of approach and identify contact persons within both organizations. We’ll communicate how we’ll deliver results (reporting structure) and when we’ll deliver results, as well as the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved. Finally, access is granted and the client transfers any relevant information and documentation.

3. Project Testing

We create the environment in which we’ll test using the methods already agreed upon. Within this framework, our experts apply the tools and knowledge needed to thoroughly analyze everything – from design and functionality, to usability and content. We’ll report results based on established timelines and milestones.

About Our QA Testers

We hire our QA Testers with the same diligence as you developed your software. Team members come to us as established experts with certifications in tow. We further develop our team internally, and the result is a well-rounded expertise that is as expansive as it is impressive.

But, it’s not just about technical skills. We also look for the work ethic and dedication that is required to work with your proprietary technology and data.

We want to do more than provide outsourced testing services. We want to establish a partnership with your business that starts now and lasts as long we’re both in business.

Still Not Sure If QA Outsourcing Is Right For Your Business?

There are a lot of reasons outsourcing your testing services is a wise decision for any business. When you get offshore quality assurance service, you can:

Use your internal resources for other projects

Your attention is required by several different facets of doing business. Outsourcing provides you the capability to accomplish more than if you handled testing internally.

Save time and money

You hired a great team thus far, but how long did it take to finish the project? How much of your resources did it take? Save the time and the money by letting us handle your testing.

Put our expertise to work for you

We’ve tested our own projects and the projects of companies across the globe. We’ve hired experts and developed experts. We have what it takes to help you succeed.

Benefit from a different perspective

We’ll automate some of the testing, but we’ll also have a human test your software. A human that didn’t have a hand in development. That can be invaluable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have a dedicated QA specialist for my project?

Yes! We will dedicate a QA specialist to your project. Depending on the size and the scope of the project, we may dedicate more than one QA specialist to your project. Unless absolutely necessary, your point of contact will not be the QA specialist or team of QA specialists but a project manager.

Q: How much influence do I have over the testing?

As the developer of the software, you and your team have a great deal of influence in the initial stages of the testing. Because you transfer to our QAs much needed information regarding the scope plus technical documentation, we greatly rely on this. However, the independence from the influence of the development team during testing is a benefit to outsourcing your testing to a third party.

Q: Will I have a dedicated person to communicate with?

We will assign a Project Manager to your project and they will be your contact for the duration of the project. They will also be your point of contact before and after testing. This is particularly important before testing begins, as there are likely many questions during this time. Our goal is to establish a relationship between you and your project manager that lasts.

Q: Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Of course. As part of the Project Definition stage, we will iron out all of the legal details of the software testing. Our CEO will sign a NDA and our company will abide by it. Confidentiality is something we take very seriously. We neither disclose that we do business and certainly not the details of that business.

Q: How much does the service cost?

The rate of our quality assurance website testing is calculated on a project basis and/or an hourly basis. Smaller projects may be better suited to hourly basis, but it can vary on your needs, the scope of the testing, and the software. For more information, please contact your project manager.

Q: Can I talk to someone about the process before deciding to hire your team?

Definitely. We encourage you to speak to a Project Manager as soon as possible. Whether you decide to put our experts to work for you or not, we are happy to answer your questions. We are available 24/5 before, during, and after testing.

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Certified QA Testing Services As Good As Your Development Team

Our QA testers are ready to help you build bug-free software for your end users.
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